Disruptive innovation company (Dinno)

is a global innovation company operating in the fields of legal services, debt management and distressed asset management. We bring disruption and innovation to everyone everywhere: to the most renowned corporations, to the SME sector, as well as to the retail sector and the general public. We strive to bring about fundamental change in legal services and in debt management industries to yield profits to the world.


DINNO is a close and flexible team of professionals who are out-of-the-box thinkers, disruptors and innovators. We are eager to disrupt the world in the industries we have deep experience in. The most powerful skill of our team is implementation. We are specialists in disruptive solutions which we are quick to implement with minimum labour and costs.

DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION COMPANY is a member of MOUNTAINS HOLDING, an international group with a portfolio of companies employing more than 1.500 people around the world and having deep experience especially in legal services, debt management, consulting, education and tourism industries. Our company is headquatered in Asia (Singapore office) and Europe (Prague office), providing its solutions worldwide.


The world is full of opportunities, full of great challenges, full of possibilities to change. Just have a look around and take a chance. However, everything is about people, their ideals, courage, vigour and skills to achieve their dreams and goals. This story is another proof of that.

The idea to create a unique entity that would be a disruptor and innovator in legal services and debt management industries was born in the early days of 2015. The man who came up with it was Jakub Zakrzecki. The life-time legal professional who had been engaged in debt and distressed asset management could not come to terms with the system routines in these industries at all. His passion for innovations, desire for change of old market rules and confidence in bringing something more useful and user-friendlier resulted in the creation of DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION COMPANY.

Today, we are a close team of partners spread around the world. All of us have a legal or debt management background combined with extensive management experience. We are not theoretical consultants but hands-on professionals with out-of-the-box thinking and a deep sense of implementation. We are tied by the desire to change market standards and bring brand new, more useful, easier and more profitable solutions for the users. To be really flexible and innovative, we keep our internal organizational structure simple so that we purposely remain a very close team. That way, we can bring about great changes for everyone in the industry.


DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION COMPANY (DINNO) operates in the fields of legal services, debt management and distressed asset management. We focus on identifying low-efficiency or non-existent business processes and on the basis of this detection, we implement disruption or innovation. These cause the setting of new industry standards and immediate benefits for everyone.

DINNO uses system logic, automation and consolidation methods to invent its helpful products. We make every effort to spread brand new disruptive solutions around the market at once and to all potential beneficiaries at the same time. A part of our job is also to think how to make existing expensive products or services available on a mass scale by cutting the price to zero or providing them at a fraction of the price.

DINNO brings disruption and innovation to everyone everywhere: to the most renowned corporations, to the SME sector, as well as to the retail sector and the general public. We strive to bring about fundamental change in legal services and in debt management industries to yield profits to the world.


DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION COMPANY focuses on inventing more useful, easier and more profitable solutions for all potential users. No matter who the users are, they have to clearly benefit from the new solution. We serve almost all segments, see the chart:


Naturally, each category of entities is different and their needs vary and differ, e.g. between a corporation and a private individual. We fit each of our solutions to a specific segment. While in case of corporations, consolidation, CSR compliance, cost cutting or revenue increase may rank as important factors, in case of freelancers or individuals, it could be simply the access to the service they had not had possibility to use due to the price or the complicated interface.


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Jakub Zakrzecki  is the founder of DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION COMPANY and entire MOUNTAINS HOLDING (100% DINNO’s shareholder). He is based in Jesenik (a small town in the Czech Republic in Central Europe) and in Singapore, and he constantly flies around the rest of the world.

Jakub is the father of DINNO’s idea and the team‘s motivational engine. He is a life optimist who is rarely satisfied with the word "impossible". His out-of-the-box thinking and eagerness for innovations are well-known amongst his colleagues and friends.

Jakub earned a master’s degree in law at the Palacky University in the Czech Republic. He connected his entire professional career with law and his desire to change the routine of the legal system to something more useful and user-friendlier.

Jakub is a businessman, a father and a mountaineer. He has deep experience in various industries such as legal services, consulting, debt management, real estate, tourism, etc. He is happily married with two daughters. He loves mountains and every year, he undertakes expeditions into the rocky wilderness.


Jakub Zakrzecki is an entrepreneur with Czech roots. He is currently living half his time in the Czech Republic (Central Europe) and the other half in Singapore. His main asset comprises of a 100% share in MOUNTAINS HOLDING, the parent investment company registered in Singapore.

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Through MOUNTAINS HOLDING, Jakub controls, especially:

100% share in DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION COMPANY, registered in Singapore - a global innovation company operating in the fields of legal services, debt management and distressed asset management.

100% share in YESENIK, registered in the Czech Republic - a local travel operator bringing a unique concept of tourism into the industry.

50% share in M.B.A. EMPIRE, registered in London - an international company, one of the market leaders in the fields of consulting, CRM solutions and management of retail troubled assets in Europe, the CIS region and Asia.

Other shares in various start-up projects (real estate, e-business etc.) which are bringing innovations into their fields of operation.

Jakub is a relatively young businessman, born in 1981. He started to form his business structure in 2015. He acquired his share in M.B.A. EMPIRE where he had been involved as a top manager and consultant for several years. Shortly after that, he took over the YESENIK, ran DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION COMPANY and invested into various start-up projects. Thanks to his „legal practice and legal character“ he is very conservative and careful, but concerning his investments he is also influenced and driven by his desire for innovations. He is creating an international group of companies that will be leading innovators and game changers in their fields globally.


Jakub Zakrzecki loves mountains so much, that he named his main company „MOUNTAINS HOLDING“. He is a mountaineer now but has not been one for long. As late as 2010, he was still afraid of heights and could hardly imagine that he would climb anything as remotely similar to a hill as Notting Hill in London. But he has a bulldog nature and because he lived in Jesenik, Czech Republic, where you can find low mountains of about 4.000-5.000 feet and ideal conditions for hiking and climbing, he wanted to adapt to the environment.

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Jakub slowly started hiking and later in 2011 also climbing just because it was a challenge for him. His first victory was conquering Mount Olympus (9.573 ft) in Greece and Mount Triglav (9.396 ft) in Slovenia, both in 2012. The same year, he climbed a few other mountains in the Alps and elsewhere in Europe. The year 2013 was a year of challenge as the highest mountain in the French Alps – Mont Blanc (15.777 ft) – was conquered. In 2014, he hiked and climbed lots of mountain ranges in Europe, esp. in Romania, Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovakia etc. In 2015, due to bad weather conditions, he reached the peak of the highest European mountain, Mount Elbrus (18.510 ft high) in Russian Caucasus at the second attempt. In 2016, he spent a lot of time climbing rocks at his homeland and ascended several high peaks in the Swiss, Italian and Austrian Alps.

Jakub overcame his fear of heights and opened new horizons for himself. Today, healthy and pushing himself to the new limits, he trains nearly every day and he is truly happy. To combine his love of the mountains, family and his business activities, he is highly organized and efficient. If Jakub wants something, in his private life or in business, he will reach it. Innovations and Himalayas are on the horizon…